If you use your touring caravan or caravan in the course of the summer, or if you travel to Europe you’re bound to have dreamt of possessing an air conditioning unit in your property from house. Caravans are great entertaining they are good for getting freedom to roam and freedom to reside. In a caravan you go wherever you want, anytime you want. You are absolutely free to tour the UK, Europe or additional if you have the time.

Travelling in a caravan in the UK is great as the weather rarely gets also warm, you don’t frequently have hot days and balmy nights as opposed to Europe where the temperatures can get very warm. It therefore may well be vital for you to have air conditioning in your caravan to assistance you get to sleep or for for the duration of the day when you cannot stand the heat. With mobile air conditioning you can use it in every caravan you use no matter whether you have the luxury of one or ten. It is transportable and you can even use the air conditioning with your home if you desire as it is straightforward to move to a single vehicle/property/space to the next.

The mobile air conditioning unit is really successful and it blows out a good provide of cool air enough to make you want to stay inside your caravan rather than go out in the mid day heat. It really is particularly very good at evening as its low noise and you can sleep in comfort rather than feeling like you are inside a tin can. The mobile air conditioning unit for the caravan will maintain it cool and ambient and will make you realise that you should really not have gone without having a single for so lengthy. But let’s face it roof mounted a/c units can cost £1,000 or extra, require specialist installation, weigh a tonne and there is a great likelihood that you will drop most of the investment you have created when you sell your van on. Nicely you’ll jump at the likelihood of possessing this unit simply because there are no installation charges – it is fully portable and hangs on your van window. It is uncomplicated to install and straightforward to use.

This is a right refrigerant split pack unit with external condenser unit and internal fan unit that gives user controls. Best geteste airco ‘s not a water cooler or a thermoelectric cooler. It produces 700 watts of cooling (2,400 Btuh) but only uses 350 watts – that is 1.52 amps so won’t trip these five amp or six amp hook-ups! A portable a/c unit can be moved to balance the load in your tour caravan making it much easier to get the maximum nose weight. A portable a/c unit can be left at household (if it’s not going to be required) thereby reducing your towing weight or enhancing fuel efficiency on caravans. A transportable a/c unit can be used elsewhere while you are not applying your van. Just feel of a surface where it can sit or a window it could hang on which means it is attainable to use the air conditioning unit in boats, cabin cruisers, static caravans and even tents.


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